Marriage Counseling

We genuinely believe that what first brought you together should be cherished and honored.

People often assume that marriage counseling is only for those who have struggling relationships. The reality is that many marriages are successful because they maintain it with professional therapy.

When you are married to someone, it isn’t a fifty-fifty relationship but a 100 percent one where each partner gives all of themselves to the other. When one entity doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities or obligations of the partnership, or there is a perception of that, it can seriously strain the relationship. Additionally, communication is essential, and when communication breaks down, it too causes undue stress. Sometimes, it isn’t a lack of communication, but not knowing how to communicate can be a part of the issue.

At times, after exhausting all means possible, marriages break down and are not repairable. In these situations, our therapists can assist with healing and providing closure so that both parties can walk away amicable.

Selecting a licensed and experienced marriage counselor that you can trust with your relationship is a great decision to enable the two of you to return to the feelings and love that first brought you together.

Marriage therapy at Trinity Harbor begins with a free phone consultation that either one or both of you can attend. It is a 20-minute phone intake that is conducted by one of our licensed clinicians. You may schedule it online or call us to arrange it for you.

We look forward to meeting the two of you and assisting you with marital needs.