Children’s Counseling

Trinity Harbor has called Coral Springs home and provided children's counseling for over 15 years. In fact, the owners grew up here over 40 years ago!

We truly realize how precious children are and how important it is to get them the help they need when they struggle.

Coral Springs has grown over the years, but the community stays close-knit. We are a people that love our children but love our neighbor’s children as well. We’ve been through a lot over the years and have found strength in one another.

We thank you for considering us to partner with you in providing children’s therapy for your child. In a kid-friendly environment, we have worked diligently at providing a trained, well-equipped staff to work with young people. We have set aside resources and allocated unique spaces to accommodate them.

We are sure that you have questions, and we would like an opportunity to provide you with answers. All of our clients have a chance to speak with our Clinical Director before being assigned a children’s therapist. Schedule a free phone consultation today or call us.

We wish the best for you and your family. We look forward to speaking with you and getting to know you and your child in the coming days.