Couples Counseling

Sometimes it isn't the destination but instead the journey that takes you there.

It is beautiful when two people love one another and choose to journey through life together.

Your love for one another will provide joy, but it will also bring trials. Being able to overcome difficulties is the key to a successful long-term relationship. To do so, you will need the appropriate tools and resources available to you through professional couples counseling at Trinity Harbor.

Many of our past and existing clients who participate in couples therapy come in for an array of issues such as infidelity, third parties (parents, ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends), anger, cultural, depression, sexual, and may more.

You are already making a great decision to seek professional assistance. You and your loved one could be benefiting from a session as early as this week. Please book your free consultation online or call us to do it for you. A licensed clinician will perform an intake over the phone, verify your insurance if needed, and assign you to your therapist.

We are delighted that you have selected Trinity Harbor Therapeutic Services as your behavioral health provider. We hope to see you soon.