Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

SFBT is a leading form of brief therapy.

An approach where the assumption is made that you know what you need to better yourself and the therapist guides you to achieving your goals through specific therapeutic questioning.

SFBT is goal-focused and allows for the client to be very hands-on in the therapeutic process. This modality assumes the client generally knows what they need for a better life and how that better life would look. The therapist’s role is to engage the client in thought-provoking conversation and provide the necessary tools to help them achieve their goals.

Often used to treat: Conduct Disorder, Family Issues, Child Abuse, Addiction, and Relationship Problems

Remedies: SFBT breaks day-to-day habitual and unhealthy thought patterns and replaces those patterns with healthy thoughts and processes, altering each coming day towards a more preferred outcome. 


  • Past – Deals less with what happened in the past and more with what worked while dealing with past issues.
  • Present – Focuses heavily on “today,” reflecting on cause and effect, utilizing creative thinking to set goals to develop a healthier life.
  • Future – Pairs positive thoughts with measured actions to foster positive outcomes that reduce stressful encounters and crisis.